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"Organize, agitate, educate"

- Susan B. Anthony

Plan your visit to the birth home of Susan B. Anthony, request a virtual tour, or schedule a group/school tour. 

As the first home of Susan B. Anthony, the Museum's mission is to educate minds about Susan's life and efforts that left a lasting impact on America.

Dive into the world of Quaker life, abolition, temperance, Restellism, suffrage, and Susan B. Anthony's part in it all. 

Become a member. See how your contribution can make a  difference towards preserving this historic home.


Rare Hand in Hand cast of Susan B. Anthony / Elizabeth Cady Stanton to open Women’s Equality Day 
A New Exhibit Featuring a 128-year old Plaster Cast

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The Susan B. Anthony Birthplace will open a new exhibit, Hand in Hand, on Thursday, August 24th to celebrate Women's Equality Day. 

The opening coincides with August 26, 1920, the day the US Secretary of State certified the 19th Amendment, giving women in the United States, from Maine to California, the national constitutional right to vote. 

“On this day, over a century later, we recognize the women who led the charge to glorious victory: Susan Brownell Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton,”

Carol Crossed, Birthplace Museum President said. “Their mutual leadership, their dependence on one another, and the value they placed on collaboration are portrayed in this clasped rendering of their affection for one another in their struggle to win for women the right to vote.” 

The cast is one of only four made by Anthony and Stanton and gifted nearly 128 years ago to significant Anthony and Stanton family members and friends. 

Besides the plaster cast, the exhibit features Anthony’s personal bank book and a letter penned by Anthony to her nephew Luther ‘Bert’ Anthony. In it, Susan advises her nephew in his career and offers sound, critical advice in an honest but affectionate tone, showing she was a loving and supportive aunt.

Items displayed in the exhibit were graciously donated on permanent loan by Nora Sabo, daughter of Charlotte Anthony Sabo and granddaughter of Susan B. Anthony’s favorite nephew, Bert Anthony. Susan’s great-niece Charlotte had a career as a voice teacher, songwriter, and folksinger, joining union organizers with her second husband Van Tyne. Known as Charlotte Anthony, she traveled the country performing with legendary singers of the era including Leadbelly, Woody Guthrie, and Pete Seeger. She died in 2015 at the age of 97. 

Charlotte Anthony Sabo.jpg

The Hand in Hand exhibit will be open to the public through the fall season. 

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Rare 'Hand in Hand' cast of Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton to be displayed

Anthony Birthplace Museum Opening 'Hand in Hand' Exhibit

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Marching at the Museum! 

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Early this June, the Susan B. Anthony Birthplace hosted a group of 64 4th-grade students for a two-day Museum immersion program. Students spent the morning learning about the familial and regional influences that molded Susan B. Anthony into the great reformer she was destined to become.


After the Museum tour, students made Votes for Women signs and marched around the Museum screaming "Votes for Women! Votes for Women!" They were certainly an energetic bunch.


Interested in scheduling a student tour or field trip?

Click out our GROUPS & FIELD TRIPS page.

IT'S CORN! Summer Kickoff Recap

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Thank you to all of the wonderful families who spent the afternoon with us on June 4th kicking off the summer with corn husk doll crafts, corn hole games, all you can eat corn, cornbread, popcorn, and for participating in the most entertaining watermelon contest! Shout out to Art History intern, Giavanna, who organized the festivities with the help of our loyal staff, volunteers and the Adams Hometown Markets for donating the watermelon.


Check out the full video recap on our Instagram Facebook!

The Heart of Harriet Tubman: 
Discover the intertwining lives of Susan B. Anthony &
Harriet Tubman during a crucial time in American History

Special thanks to all those who supported Susan B. Anthony's 203rd Birthday Celebration & our 17th Annual Birthplace Celebration!

Autographs & Timeless Wisdom
An Exhibit Showcasing an Original Susan B. Anthony Autograph 


In 2022, the Birthplace launched a new exhibit, Autographs and Timeless Wisdom, featuring a donated Gilded Age-era autograph book holding Susan B. Anthony’s authenticated signature. 

The hand-written quote is considered to be the only one in existence as it is undocumented in any of Anthony’s archived speeches or correspondence.

Dated 1900 in Rochester, New York, the entry reads, 

“Whether possessed of the characteristics of the oak, the vine or the flower all truly developed human beings love liberty and demand for themselves and their fellows the possession of equality of rights, privileges and immunities irrespective of sex or any mere accident of birth!”     - Susan B. Anthony

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Download the Autio app and listen to the story of Susan B. Anthony and her birthplace. 


Susan B. Anthony's Newspaper

Featured on the Museum kiosk, read the newspaper published by Susan B. Anthony and edited by Elizabeth Cady Stanton, featuring a variety of themes that affected women in the mid 19th century.

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