"Organize, agitate, educate"

- Susan B. Anthony

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As the first home of Susan B. Anthony, our mission is to educate on her upbringing, work, and the impact on America.

Dive into the world of Quaker life, abolition, temperance, Restellism, suffrage, and Susan B. Anthony's part in it all. 

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Timeless Wisdom: Original Susan B. Anthony Autograph Exhibit Launching August 4th!

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“Whether possessed of the characteristics of the oak, the vine or the flower all truly developed human beings love liberty and demand for themselves and their fellows the possession of equality of rights, privileges and immunities irrespective of sex or any mere accident of birth!”

The exhibit will also highlight the history of the 19th century autograph book and the entries of two prominent suffragists and reformers Harriet Beecher Stowe and Julia Ward Howe. All pages of the book have been digitized and will be available for viewing on the kiosk in the museum’s kitchen. Also included is an interactive section for children to practice their own signatures!

The museum is excited to present its “Autographs and Timeless Wisdom” exhibit, featuring a recently donated Gilded Age era autograph book holding Susan B. Anthony’s authenticated quote and signature. 

The hand-written quote may be the only one in existence as it is undocumented in any of Anthony’s archived speeches or correspondence. Dated 1900 in Rochester, New York, the entry reads, 

In addition to Anthony’s salutation, the book holds the entries of prominent Americans such as Booker T. Washington, Mark Twain, Thomas Edison, Hellen Keller, and nine U.S. presidents. The book’s original owner Mrs. Emma Herne worked as an actress and collected signatures in person and also by sending her autograph book through the mail to America’s VIPs.

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Susan B. Anthony left
a unique message in an autograph book over 120 years ago. It's now on
display in Adams.


Watch Mill Girls Musings on YT Now!

To commemorate Susan B. Anthony's 202nd birthday, two young North Adams volunteers and sisters used their love of theatre to depict the lives of the mill girls that once resided in the Anthony Family Home when Daniel Anthony, Susan's Father, owned a textile mill in Adams, MA.  

We imagine these mill girls were headstrong like Susan, curious like Susan, and certainly hardworking like Susan. We applaud the wonderful work of the writers and stars, Faith and Hope Motta, and the many others who put this short film together for Susan's day.

If you enjoyed watching, please boost the esteem of the young girls and comment, like and follow the short film above!


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Love stories and traveling? The Autio app has over 9,000 location-based stories, including one about the Susan B. Anthony Birthplace!


Download the Autio app and listen to the story of Susan B. Anthony and her birthplace. 


Susan B. Anthony's Newspaper

Featured on the kiosk in the Museum, read through the themes of the most famous suffrage newspaper of the era.

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