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Every year, May 24 marks National Scavenger Hunt Day! Since we love scavenger hunts any time of the year, we created two scavenger hunt sheets that you can complete at home by exploring our museum website. One sheet must be completed by finding facts sprinkled throughout our Exhibit list and "History of the Homestead" pages, and one sheet can be completed by finding pictures (some of which can be seen in our photo gallery and "Learn" pages).

Anyone who completes the scavenger hunts can send us a list of where they found each answer/picture on the website. Once we confirm that you've completed your scavenger hunt, you're eligible for a small prize from our gift shop! We'll send you a list of prizes to choose from.


Find two different downloadable versions on the right! Once completed, send to to claim your prize!



Susan B. Anthony


Click the button above to download a printable PDF version of the image at right. 

This coloring page is based on a photograph of Susan B. Anthony which was taken while she was working on the History of Woman Suffrage with co-authors Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Matilda Joslyn Gage and Ida Husted Harper. The book was published as a six-volume series between 1881 and 1922.

Daniel Anthony's Mill


The painting shown in the photograph to the right hangs in our museum on the wall of Daniel's Store. It is local artist M. Dubis' 1973 impression of what Daniel Anthony's mill might have looked like on the banks of Tophet Brook here in Adams. ​Like most early mills, Daniel's was powered by a water wheel. ​

Click the button above to download a coloring page of the painting to create your own impression of what Daniel's mill looked like.

Purple Coneflower


Enjoy these coloring pages made from flowers that grow on our museum grounds!

Jerusalem Artichokes


These coloring pages are a great way to start conversations about native versus invasive plant species, medicinal herbs, pollination, and leaf identification. 



A great way to introduce kids to Suffrage vocabulary, and fun for all ages!

This word search includes much of the language we use in our museum to teach about the history of Women's Suffrage in the United States, including "Abolition" and "Temperance," reforms which began before the U.S. Women's Suffrage Movement became formalized. Many suffragists began their political activism in the Abolition and Temperance Movements before turning their focus exclusively to women's rights.

Click here for the answer key.


In 1911 the National Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage (NAOWS) was formed in New York, bringing together state-level anti-suffrage leagues under one official parent organization.

The NAOWS began printing their own newsletter called Woman’s Protest which was later renamed Woman Patriot and continued to speak against suffragists and their colleagues even after the 19th Amendment passed.

People who opposed women’s suffrage were referred to as “Antis.” Most antis were women, specifically wealthy women. Antis were afraid of the social and economic shifts that could occur if women won the right to vote.

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