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The restoration and renovation of the SBA Birthplace began in 2006 and continued through the summer of 2009.

During that time much of the original structure was revealed and renewed. The lath walls, which Daniel had constructed, were seen as having been nailed to the studs in right angles in an “accordian style” leaving space between each strip.

The 1817 plaster had been applied in scratch coats of 3/4” -7/8” thick and consisted of lime, sand, water, and horsehair. The final coat was gypsum and lime. Layers of flooring were removed to reach the original white pine planks. Restoration included painting floors and walls in multiple original shades of green that were revealed through paint analysis. The original foundation timber, frame and floors were a gift to Daniel from his father, Humphrey. You can see the shiplap boards that form the floor from the cellar. Those windows needing replacement were constructed to simulate the original six. The siding, of which 65% is original, was returned to its target or first coat color, Bennington tan.

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