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Why was abortion equated with the term "Restellism”? 

‘Restellism’ was a derogatory term for Madame Restell, a.k.a. Anna Lohman. Restell had abortion establishments in several major cities, including NYC where she lived. She had no formal medical training, but was married to a man who dealt in drugs and medicines. Her practice used these for both contraceptive and abortive purposes, the latter for which she was ‘notorious’(Browder).
What was Restell’s connection with Susan B. Anthony and suffrage leaders?


Restell’s practices were unequivocally condemned in Susan B. Anthony’s newspaper, The Revolution. In the inaugural edition of Anthony’s newspaper, The Revolution, it stated a policy to refuse ‘quack or immoral’ advertisements, i.e., ads for abortion or medicines that caused abortion (pg. 1). The policy was explained in numerous editorials in The Revolution by the editors of the newspaper. Anthony’s signed statement condemned secular and religious publications for running these ads.  


What is Restellism and who was Madame Restell?

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