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Please note: most of these books contain textual or artistic representations of violence which may be troubling for young readers; parents, guardians and educators should review the books and use their own discretion in assigning these readings.


Picture books which contain explicit references to violence are preceded by an asterisk.


  • *If You Lived When There Was Slavery In America

  • *Chasing Freedom

  • Before She Was Harriet

  • Moses

  • Only Passing Through

  • When Harriet Met Sojourner

  • Henry’s Freedom Box

  • Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt

  • Show Way

  • Follow the Drinking Gourd

  • *Let The Truth Be Told

  • *Yours for Justice, Ida B. Wells: The Daring Life of a Crusading Journalist

  • Mumbet's Declaration of Independence

  • Words Set Me Free: The Story of Young Frederick Douglass (with Audio Recording)

  • *Never Forgotten

  • Love Twelve Miles Long​

  • The Amazing Age of John Roy Lynch

FOR KIDS 10-13:

  • Meet Addy: An American Girl

  • Meet Kaya: An American Girl

  • Minuk: Ashes in the Pathway

  • Elijah of Buxton

  • Jefferson's Sons: A Founding Father’s Secret Children

  • Amos Fortune: Free Man

  • Harriet Tubman, Secret Agent: How Daring Slaves and Free Blacks Spied for the Union During the Civil War

  • Kidnapped Prince The Life of Olaudah Equiano

  • The Old African

  • Chains

  • Amistad: A Long Road to Freedom

  • How I Became a Ghost

  • The Birchbark House

  • In the Footsteps of Crazy Horse


  • Copper Sun

  • Hang a Thousand Trees with Ribbons: The Story of Phillis Wheatley

  • Surrender Tree El Arbol de la Rendicion Poems of Cubas Struggle for Freedom

  • Beloved

  • 47

  • The Black History of the White House

  • Free at Last: A Documentary History of Slavery, Freedom, and the Civil War

  • Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

  • The Poet Slave of Cuba: A Biography of Juan Francisco Manzano​

  • Remembering Slavery: African Americans Talk about Their Personal Experiences of Slavery and Emancipation



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